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03.15.05 : 01.57pm
new journal! goldrausch

theres a big fat nothing in/on it right now but soon hope to expect pretty things there.

ps- there are so many of my friends that are friends only, so if youre friends only then please be sure to add the new journal! (just do it! its a lot easier than me going through and asking each and every one of you to add me!)
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03.15.05 : 12.03am
so strange how clicking through a few random people journals, that youve never met and never will meet, can lead you smack in the face of so many people that you used to spend all your time with.

since last entry i have finished 9/12 drawings while also partaking in much procrastinating, an activity which i believe i have mastered. im now going to bed and will finish and mount all drawings tomorrow by 130 (not 2 when the crit is, im attempting to calculate in some cushion time).

tonights the last night of house/dog sitting, meaning ill be getting $$$ on wednsday and therefore be more able to pay of bills! yay! i should not ever cheer for paying off bills, but when ive been piling up credit card crap for 7 months its about time to be paying it off and cheering about it. speaking of moneys, i should be getting a check from UC in a couple weeks so that will only add to the yayness of paying bills.

ive taken a few good polaroids that im going to use for my portfolio site. when its all up and working ill post a link.

why am i watching late nite TV and why is this band 'the music' still playing? i cant decide if their bassist is wearing a threeoneg shirt or not. ive decided not. ok theyre done.
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03.14.05 : 08.47pm
ok, now i am starting my fashion illustration final.
i hate this class.
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03.14.05 : 12.58am
i have yet to draw any of my 12 drawings that are due on tuesday at 2pm. oh well, its not like i was expecting any of them to be good anyways. i plan to start them after the st. vincent "critique" tomorrow, while listening to the critique for the rest of the fashion design projects. hopefully it wont be terribly crowded, and hopefully no one will mind.

ps- erin, i bought a green stripey tank top at target today. while checking out i thought 'erin would wear this'. then while taking off the tags at home, i saw that the color was called 'erin green'.
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03.10.05 : 05.17pm
im in the midst of housesitting for my moms friend. the place has a fabulous view of fucking cincinnati and shes trying to save $ on heat so the place is damn freezing. she does have cable and i am unfortunatly (although i could change the channel) watching the ashlee simpson show. in almost every single shot the top of her ass is blurred because its seems to constantly be falling out of her pants.

seeing as how im finished with all my projects except my drawing packet, im going out to the bookstore to get the new nylon magazine. speaking of which, i need to remember to call them tomorrow or monday.

jonpaul and i got in basically our first big fight a few days ago, which was no good but which has also pretty much passed at this point. the only leftover bits are the ones that are actually a problem: the fact that there are 3 months left until we put a massive amount of distance between us, and that were basically crap at communication that isnt directly face to face.

to do:
take polaroids for website
scan polaroids
finish website
dont spend money
walk abby

my top cities: (
little rock, arkansas
baton rouge, louisiana
new orleans, louisiana
baltimore, maryland
portland, oregon
providence, rhode island
new haven, conneticut
boston, massachusets
honolulu, hawaii
san diego, california
orange county, california
harford, conneticut
long beach, california
oakland, california
lafayette (cajun country), louisiana
alexandria, louisiana
washington DC
worchester, massachusets
los angeles, califonia
sacramento, california
monroe, louisiana
shreveport-bossier city, louisiana
las vegas, nevada
eugene, oregon

obviously i need to live in cali or louisiana. im down.
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03.04.05 : 10.09am
when i was about to get my lisence, i was going to get my moms old car. then she totaled it so i got a brand new echo.

now my little brother is about to get his lisence, and he was going to get my dads old car. then my dad totaled it and my brother is getting a brand new scion.

something seems fishy here.

ps- dad is putting previously mentioned echo into my name. what this means, i dont know.
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